Friday, May 6, 2011


i can't wait to put a cardigan on my future boy. or suspenders. or fake glasses. or skinny jeans.

and i'll consider it a fine day when he gets called a hipster. even if we don't name him from this list, don't think we haven't considered some of those ideas.

i once read... the only thing a hipster hates more than being seen as a hipster is not being seen as a hipster.

so true.


  1. so true.

    love this.

    hipsters the hip thing anyhow. who doesn't want to be hip?

  2. um.. we like SEVERAL names on that list. haha.
    we try to hard to be hipsters.

  3. me neither, me neither. i have an entire pinterest board dedicated to babiez and they are all hipster. my children are so lucky.

  4. Never seen myself as a hipster but there are quite a few names on that list that I like.

    Now we are all anticipating what name you are going to choose for your little bundle of boy.

  5. Your baby boy whom I am already calling Dexter/Sebastian, fyi is going to be the sweetest and coolest little hipster ever. Baby boy hipsters are even better than fully grown ones.