Friday, May 27, 2011

am fond of...

sunny walks with this face. squish!

friends that come over and paint stripes on my baby's wall. lucky! i srsly didn't even lift a finger because they just did it all. amazing. and the crib is being delivered next week :) if we keep up this pace, we might be done early!

lunches with this guy. que guapo! we only work 10 minutes away
from each other now that he's at his new job. holler for not commuting long distance.


  1. Fun! I love love love stripes--that's going to be uber-cute.

  2. hooray for your nursery

    mr roed has those shoes matt is wearing. i think. matts look nicer so i can't tell.

  3. Dear Matt Thorup,

    I have a friend named Matt Thorup, but he doesn't look like you. He may have rubbed a pregnant belly before though.

    -Tyler Smith

    1. Thank you for your astute observations, Tyler Smith.

      Does your Matt Thorup have dark hair and dark skin? Because we know him around these parts as doppelgänger Matt Thorup.

      And come to think of it, I already know a Tyler Smith... And HE likes oranges. Hm.

    2. Here's a picture of my Matt Thorup eating a sandwich 2 sizes too big.

      This Matt has dark hair, and his skin gets dark in the summer. Is he your Matt's doppler?

      AND you know an orange-loving Tyler Smith?!? Could we arrange a dance fight between your Matt/Tyler and this Tyler/Matt combo?