Thursday, April 14, 2011

things to remember from yesterday

*Our magnolia tree in the front yard is trying so hard to bloom, but this fickle weather keeps putting it down. And turning it's brand new petals brown before they have a chance to shine.

*Matt talked about a possible source of extra income, and for the first time ever said "maybe we could buy a crib or a stroller with it" instead of wishing for expensive Apple gadgets or new toys. Growing up, perhaps?

*I received a romantic bouquet of flowers at work, and now I have this huge vase on my desk that makes my office smell delicious.

*I have been going to the gym at night because when I work out it makes the baby move more- and so I am doing it for 2 selfish reason. 1. To try to keep my legs & arms in check during this rounding time & 2. To feel the baby move more. And I'm not bragging, because 2 times a week doesn't really count as "over-doing it."

*I have really loved having my mom live with me part time while Matt's been away. I love her.

*My sister makes really yummy banana bread.

*Guido is so snuggly and sweet (and crazy), and I think he is starting to sense something is different with me. He spends a few minutes every day just smelling and nudging my stomach like he can't quite put his nose on what is different. Matt witnessed this last night on face time, so you know I'm totally telling the truth. Can dogs hear babies move because of their super hearing? Hmm.

*I was discussing the cost of diapers & formula and other baby things, and then Matt noted {very professionally} that it's like my boobs were going to produce gold when I start breastfeeding. It was really funny. Then he continued to ask if there was a "So, you're going to be a dad" book that was full of all sorts of clich├ęs that he'd need to know as he enters this new world.

*He also said we need to know the sex of the baby so he can either 1. learn all sorts of knots to teach his son, or 2. learn how to sew really tiny dresses.  Because those are obviously really important things to becoming a papa.

*I think he is going a bit bonkers because the end of Seattle is so close, and he says "I'm trunky" like once a day. Oh, he also said that during labor, he'll probably be the guy saying "Oh! I have a hang nail! Nothing has ever hurt so bad!" while I am doing all of the actual work. (Scrubs anyone? So funny.)


  1. I hope it is a girl, just so we can see some tiny, man-sewn dresses!

  2. my sister makes good banana bread too! maybe they're twins?
    and i love how the top things matt has to learn are knots and dress making. that baby's got it made.

  3. i love scrubsssssss! and yes, your boobs will produce gold.

  4. this is great.

    it's weird to think about what it will feel like to have a kid floating around inside of you. come on.. is it creepy? it kind of seems creepy to me.

    and our magnolia tree is freaking out too.

  5. SCRUBS!
    is it weird that i'm like abnormally excited for you guys to finally be together again? like REALLY. excited.
    it's a little embarrassing

  6. @communikate- i would say it's weird instead of creepy, but 100% weird, bizarre, and crazy to feel something move inside you. and it's not always pleasant, which i didn't expect. (but it is always magical.)

    @kello - don't be embarrassed, it just means you are THAT good of a friend because you mimic our same feelings!