Wednesday, April 20, 2011

so much excitement

thanks for everyone's well wishes both in internet land & real life. so much excitement in just a week that i'm feeling happily exhausted & overwhelmed.

they moved my due date up from the 27th of August to the 17th, since apparently this baby is bigger than we initially thought. 4 months does not sound like that much time left. and i've never witnessed something cooler than an ultrasound. so there's that.

wishing happy easter thoughts to everyone! i'm signing off of the internet for a bit, except to maybe show you matt's joaquin phoenix look. it's super impressive, so i'll share the wealth. lots of love and candy filled eggs to all.


  1. Dude, you and Tina Fey are totes going to have babies at the same time!

  2. don't go anywhere!
    yay for a sooner due date! 4 months! yikes- so soon.
    you guys are going to be the coolest parents.
    you son is going to come out already cool. and like high five the doctor on the way out or something. or he molded some kind of old man inside your womb and is going to present that to you as a gift for housing him. maybe?

  3. Hey Carla! I found your blog through Amber's. :) Congrats on your boy!! I'm so excited for you two! And I LOVE the fact that you gave the tech a candy bar! Haha!