Monday, April 11, 2011

the mid point.

Factoids of week 20:  I'ts like a parlor trick how I can make my belly look fairly hidden or stand out in all it's glory. And my belly button used to only fit my pinky (I'm a way way innie), but now it fits my pointer finger. It's just getting wider over here, folks! I crave Dr Pepper daily, but only indugle every other week. Same with french fries and burgers and nuggets. Salt!  Matt says it's because it's half his baby, and that is what he craves all the time anyway, so of course it'd make sense that our baby would crave those things as well.  Nice, Matt. 

I feel really great most of the time, which is awesome. Besides some indigestion that requires popping some Tums, I feel pretty normal. Oh, except for the alien baby that moves inside of me and then I forget that I don't feel normal in the original sense of the word, but perhaps a new definition.

I bought some maternity jeans and it's stretchy pants heaven now. Soft cotton is the best fabric ever invented. I also have totally been having urges to chop my hair off, which may or may not be related to pregnancy at all.

I am finally starting to feel the urge to decorate & shop & know if it's a boy or girl. Up to this point, I've sort of been cavalier about all of it, but just now it's hit that I am ready to start these things.

My mom said that maybe we like roller coasters as adults because it reminds us of the roller coaster of living inside a moving human being. Because I move. A lot. And sort of on purpose to bug the child more than neccessary. Hula shaking rap moves going on up in here!

So happy to be at this point. So grateful to have a healthy baby and body. Sometimes I feel fertility guilt, which I read can actually be normal, but I just wasn't prepared for it. It helps me to be more sensitive, and to really appreciate what I have.

I am not great at taking pictures that aren't awkward. I'm hoping Matt coming home (this week!) will lessen the awkwardness... but knowing my husband it might actually make it worse.

Happy twenty weeks future spawn child of the beard and the blonde :)


  1. Girl, neither did Sandy, UT nor your bathroom ever look so good!

  2. You look so cute!! I love your little belly! it's fun to hear your updates. I'm r.e.a.l.l.y excited for you to have your hubby home soon :)

  3. You are looking great! I am also glad you are feeling better. Enjoy this time because come summer and you are huge and hot you will just wishing to be done! I am excited for when matt comes home then you guys get to find out boy or girl, oh and just to have matt home is a good thing as well. hehe.

  4. the parlor trick made me laugh because i know exactly what you mean! and ive been considering chopping my hair too. so weird. ive never wanted short hair in my life!

    cute cute belly!