Wednesday, April 27, 2011

if i were giving out grades

guido would earn an A for using the doggie door and going outside.
a B+ for eating, since he is sort of a table begger lately (whoops.)
a B- for "come" when we say the word walk.
and the biggest A+ for cuddles. morning, noon, and night this pug likes his snuggles.

we shaved him way short like 2 weeks ago, and it is the best thing eva. this is definitely his spring/summer/fall haircut from now on.

oh, and he's doing way better from the surgery 2 months ago. remember when he ate an entire teddy bear sized amount of stuffing? yea- he would still do that if we let him, but at least he doesn't have it clogging up his system anymore. i am getting a titch worried about the tiny size of baby socks... because those just look delicious to his big bulgy eyes.

1 comment:

  1. i can't wait to move back into our house so i can get a pug. that's what i've always wanted. my grandma had one. but j wanted to get a big dog first so it ruled the roost. and then i didn't want another dog because lilly was crazy and shed a lot and now i don't care. i must have one. that is going to be my first purchase when we move back in. but probably not since now i'm pregnant and i won't want a puppy with a 6 month old and setting up our (old) new house.

    yeah. information bomb.