Monday, April 25, 2011

easter sunday 2011

original title, right?

fly away hairs on my head are all over the place because of this baby boy. still getting used to it.

oh, and notice anything different about matt?

he is all about being hairless for a while. it's like a breath mint to the face! makes kissing and cuddles more enjoyable, even if i miss his rugged manliness.

easter sunday 2011
23(ish) weeks pregnant.
guido received lots of cuddles.
baby boy recieved a sweet little basket with teeny clothes.
matt taught a lesson on repentance & forgiveness.
i taught about temples & christ.
Jesus Christ is risen and we are eternally grateful & indebted.


  1. whoa. matt looks totally different!

    clean cut is a nice change though, i loved it when graham gave up his afro and beard for awhile.

    love your cute baby belly. any luck with finding a name?

  2. he does look different. it took a day or two to really remember his face.

    oh, and no luck at all! i can't seem to find anything that sounds like my kid. and sounds good with thorup.

    suggestions are TOTALLY welcome.

  3. who is that little boy you are with in those pictures?

  4. weeeeeeeird. no hair!
    i'm loving that last, "check it, i made a baby" picture. and your outfit. loving it all, really.

  5. oh man. names are hard. bueler is a hard last name too.

    i'll keep thinking on that one.

  6. matt and landon have the same hair growth stages. (although landon never got as long as red joaquin. but i wish he would have...)