Friday, April 1, 2011

dancing the running man over here

Usually when I am so happy that a smile just won't cut it, I end up doing something else physical to try to express myself. Such as raising the roof, or MC Hammer time, or "pop pop" community style, or {my current fave} the running man.

Yesterday was a running man kind of day.  Matticus officially is coming home! Like he has a 1 way plane ticket to ride and he don't care! And not at the end of April like we had all envisioned, but on the 15th. That is only 2 weeks away, people. TWO WEEKS. I always knew April was my 2nd favorite month for a reason.   Que running man dance.

Matt coming home has been my #1 on the totem pole of things that will make me incandescently happy like elizabeth bennet, followed closely by #2 - having a baby.

And now that #1 is so very very close, it is making #2 move ever upward on the pole. 

This facetime photo was snapped mere minutes after we heard the little whippersnapper move around and beat it's strong heart at the doc's office. It's always cool, but yesterday was hammer time cool because Matt will be here next time. In person. Hallalujah! It left me giddy and exhaustedly happy all day yesterday and I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole atmosphere.

Still do.

And guess what else? I can finally stop thinking & talking & blogging about how we are so far apart. Que the running man dance for everyone reading this blog. I may actually have fun activities again. Or creative juices to finish my projects since Matt breathes more energy & creativity into our house than anything else. Or just something else to blog about than trying to make up something fun to say that doesn't include me bra-less and in my PJs by 7:00 every night. Seriously.

If nothing else, I hope this post has inspired you to dance more. Stop, it's hammer time.


  1. Wahoo, Matty boy is coming home! Long distance sucks. Like for serious! I'm so glad it's almost over, I feel for you.

  2. you're baby's going to come out a dancing machine!

  3. is it okay if this post inspired singing instead?

    "fresh new kicks and fast! gotta like that now you know you wanna dance. now, move! outta your seat get a fly girl and catch this beat..."

    i'll stop, just know that was totally from my brain and NOT from