Friday, April 29, 2011

the business of being fed

Here is what dinner looked like a few nights ago. Bacon literally was cooked to perfection and the white bread french toast was impeccable.

Now, I am not a health nut by any stretch of the imagination. I eat sugar and candy and preservatives every day of my life, and mostly really enjoy myself while doing so. I do stress whole wheat in our bread, fruits and veggies every single day in some variety, and this year I've tried to avoid high fructose corn syrup as much as possible.

However, this whole being pregnant thing has thrown me for a food curve ball come dinner time. When I'd usually stress the importance of greens & veggies, I'm eating as many carbs as I can ingest. And not whole wheat ones - no no no- that'd be too nice to my body! I'm talking about 4 packs of crazy bread in 5 days. Pizza and hot dogs every other night! French fries and burgers and nuggets galore! Second serving of bacon and syrup? Yes please!  Bring on the delicious starchy white bread in all of it's greasy glory and I'll take it!

And it's not only what I'm eating, but how much I can really pack in lately. A bottomless pit in the area where a stomach should be! It's really incredible.


  1. I'm excited to someday be pregnant because of the miracle of life or whatever, but mostly I'm just looking forward to seeing how much food I can put away.

  2. looks like a yummy dinner. i've been slacking at healthy eating lately. i just want cookies for every meal.

  3. i support insane pregnant eating. pick it in, baby!! (i've eaten two batches of "no bake cookies" in one week. no biggie, the baby needs it!!!)

  4. i ate cookies in milk for breakfast.
    garden salsa chips for second breakfast
    and now i'm onto a taco for early lunch.

  5. I am all about the carb only eating myself. French fries and soda...yes, but I gotta get back on the train. However, Carla, hot dogs...Really?!!