Tuesday, April 5, 2011

all of my days

Choose your love. Love your choice.

Wise words from a wise man.

Years before I was married, and even before I had met Matthew, I was given the advice to work at your {future} marriage. Work? Ha! Like marriage took work. Marriage was most definitely all hearts and kisses and love and romance and wonderfulness all wrapped in your husband's arms. Why would marriage ever require work when it was all about love?

Then the next 5 years happened, and I saw my own parents' marriage fall apart and end in divorce, as well as other families in the small bubble of a world I lived in. 

I have come to realize that marriage undoubtably requires love, but more importantly it requires choice. Using my free agency to make decisions every single day to be a better me, so I can be a better part of we. Choosing Matt every single day, and knowing that he is choosing me as well. Making the decision to make it work, no matter what trials and mountains are coming our way.

President Thomas S. Monson spoke about the importance of marriage in the Priesthood Session of General Conference, and then Elder Richard G. Scott gave my favorite talk on Sunday afternoon about his sweet wife, and his thoughts on eternal marriage.

As Matt and I approach 4 years this month, I now fully understand how much work a marriage needs not only to survive, but thrive.  And it can be totally exhausting, right? But it's so worth it. And I am feeling super thankful for the reminder of that from last weekend, and thought I'd share.

Love you, Matt. But you already knew that :)


  1. lady! we are totally on the same wave length! i'm writing a post quite similar to this as we speak! oh well.. great minds think a like right?! ha.

    great words from you and from our awesome leaders!

  2. I totally agree! In college I remember a good friend of mine saying, "you can't choose who you love" and I thought that was so backwards-because you can (!) and in a way you have to. Marriage is about choosing (to love) that person everyday. Or it might fade away. And kids add a whole other piece to the equation. Sometimes Shawn and I have to remind ourselves that there was "we" before there was "three". The whole dynamic of your life changes, but it is still a beautiful adventure!

  3. That was my favorite talk too! I cried thinking how he has to be without his sweetie when he loves her so much!

  4. i love that quote! "choose your love. love your choice." my grandma gave me a framed print of that quote. she had pulled it from a talk given previously by president monson. she loved it so much she gave it to us for our wedding with the talk included. it is hanging on our wall and i love the constant reminder. then i heard he talked about it in priesthood! it made me want to blog about it too... but i haven't gotten around to it yet.

  5. i loved this post. thanks for sharing.

  6. what a great quote!
    james and i often kindly (somewhat) remind each other that we chose this marriage. it's kind of like fight fizzler. we say it in a playful/smugish way and it just makes us both relax and breathe. sounds like it wouldn't be and like we're bad spouses, but it's meant more playfully. we never say when we're like really fighting. ha. now that would be a sight ;)
    i promise we love each other.
    and i promise we are happy.