Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"1234 days until i'm at your door"

Matt sang that to me today :) And it's awesome because it's totally true. Hip hip!  He sold his bike and is starting to pack his bags. He does feel super lucky that the bike path view was super gorgeous the whole time he was there. What a cool cyclist he was. {Even when he looked like a marshmallow rain man.} Maybe we'll get you a new one when you're back. And have a job, hippie!


  1. you can tell the bambino one day that their dad was a biker babe.

  2. that sounds weird like i think he's a babe... i just meant it like thats the phrase errbody says...

  3. wow- fun fact:
    my word verification was r-E-o-d. SOO CLOSEE!!!