Tuesday, March 29, 2011

living with extremes

lately, it's either one way or the complete opposite. i'm either alone all the time, or bombarded with people. i either don't want any sugar, or i eat 3 popsicles in under an hour. i'm either completely exhausted, or i have so much energy i just bounce around my house. i'm either extremely focused or off in the clouds distracted.

i just finished listening to pride & prejudice and i never want it to end, no matter how many times i listen/read/watch it.

i often text mirror-dancing pictures to matticus so he knows i am having a good time.

i spent the weekend with my BFFs and we had a sleepover. not much sleep was had however because of 2 heath ledger movies, chit-chatting, uncomfortable beds/pillows/couches, and the 3 babies that also slept over with the girls.

we played raquetball on saturday and it was amazing. i forgot about this fun sport, and was overly intense for the friendly matches.

guido is a good dog, but i bet he can't wait to get matt home because i am so boring in comparison.

my brain feels a bit nutty lately. like crunchy peanut butter.

i moved my part a few millimeters towards the middle. my bangs are finally long enough.

i wish i were cool enough to say fringe instead of bangs.

matt looks like a lion most of the time lately.

i keep dreaming of campfire and summertime bbqs.


  1. i like crunch peanut butter.
    it makes me want trail mix.

  2. turn sideways and let me see dat bellay!


  3. p.s. me gusta the new lay out! i'm so glad we made it into the "friendly-friends" tab!

    p.s.s sometimes imma thug and sometimes i speak espanol. es ight?