Wednesday, March 23, 2011

justin bieber is a gateway drug to terrible pop music.

If you would have asked me 3 weeks ago if I loved JB, I would have needed clarification on what JB actually meant. Then I hung out with ten 13 year old girls who had "I heart JB" written all over their hands/phones/shirts and I thought, maybe it wouldn't hurt to check him out for the sake of commonality.

Then my neighbor Megan let her bieber love hang out. And then Kassey did too. Then Kate posted her bieber bangs. And all of a sudden he was on my Pandora radio station and I was calling Guido baby baby baby oh baby and giving Matt never say never telephone concerts.

Since I listened to him mainly on Pandora, I also got a slew of other poppy artists that I had never been previously acquainted. Then I found myself singing along. I was whipping my hair back and forth while doing the dishes. I threw my hands up and party'd in the usa while walking the dog. I was singing about being 15 and romeo and juliet. I was talking in body language and feeling so international. It just came naturally.

It's like a plague... or perhaps a fever?  A bieber fever? Oh hells bells. Talk about embarrassed and probably in need of an intervention.

There is one less lonely girl in Utah. Way to go Bieb. Next up? Seeing his movie and then blaming this whole period of time on my looney pregnancy brain.

The baby baby baby oh baby made me do it.


  1. it's okay. it happens to the best of us. and whenever i say i want to see the movie i get the strangest looks and then my dad tells me i'm weird.

  2. hilarious.

    he's weird. i can't help but be intrigued by him. i blame it on my new kids on the block crush all those years ago. we're groomed to be in love with the bubblegum.

    and really?! why is willow smith a star at ten years old?!

  3. I was hanging out with some of my new Texas friends and they were starting to rip on JB...I was the only one who stood up for him! I think he's totes adorable.
    (Have you seen the Miley Cyrus as Justin Bieber SNL sketch? Worth a look if you haven't.)

  4. So awesome. This post made my day.

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  6. welcome to the club. i was once the biggest bieber hater. i refused to even give him a try. then one day i was dragged to the movie and bam. fever hit and i'm still in love

  7. Ha! Love the post title......and the post! Made me laugh. Hilarious! Gateway drug indeed.

  8. We are going to the movie when I get home.