Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i loved that red sweatshirt.

In high school I went through a typical "phase." I died my hair dark (then multiple other colors, such as really red, blue, and purple), I started wearing more black & went to see bands play, and my dad at one point questioned me about drug use (haha... nope!)  I'd always been such a straight arrow that it was kind of nice to be questioned like a rebel.

It was Matt's least favorite time of our HS relationship, that much I know for sure. He did at one point have a mullet and quite the belt buckle collection though :)

Not sure why I thought of this tonight. Probably because I took myself on a date to Provo a couple weekend's ago, and while I was getting take-out dumplings from Rooster, I passed a crowd of hipsters waiting to go into a live show. I had a hard time feeling like I'd fit in now (especially since it was like 9 and I was exhausted... and I'm knocked up... and I don't listen to cool music very often.)  But at least I knew that at one point in my life, I would have totally fit in. I mean, did you see the black choker necklace? I wore that sucker like I'd lose my head if it came off. (green ribbon story anyone?)


  1. Can I make a correction, or maybe just an insert? "At one point matt had a mullet" (for one day)....

    a Thank you.

  2. this is awesome. i didn't know you two were h.s. loves.

    i feel super old when i go to shows now, but thankfully the crowds in portland are older (or maybe we just like "older" music now.) i love rockin out to someone that's at least sixty besides me. i always make a promise to myself to try and be that "couple" that see shows at that age too. we'll see.

  3. oh my goodness i love this so much. you are so hard core. i totally dyed my hair black, cut it short and super messy and put a big chunk of pink in my bangs (then orange, then red) i'd go to shows every weekend and i thought i was the crap. THE crap.

    the bottom photo made me laugh so hard. landon still has his belt buckles. he doesn't wear them but he can't let them go. and i did pigtails like that all the time.

  4. hahahaha the choker necklace is killing me!

    high school sweeties!

    james and i have only KNOWN eachother for four years! married three! my parents were elementary sweethearts. 2nd and 3rd grade. love it!

  5. hahaha GREEN RIBBON STORY! that just made my day!