Friday, March 4, 2011

color on brown paper

pretty sure this baby has experienced the whole spectrum of emotions this week. i am very happy to report that we have a very strong heart beat and a tiny stomach bump starting to form. matt was able to facetime in for the appointment and made the happiest face when the loud beat came over the doppler speakers. 'twas adorable. we were going to schedule the 19 week ultrasound for my next appointment, but were both suddenly aware that he wasn't going to be home yet and decided to wait another month until 23 weeks to take a peek at the burrito. the baby's sex isn't going to change anyway, and what's another month when papa bear can be there in person? plus, patience is a virtue that you can't really get too much of.

i hope to get another bouquet of pretty flowers from pike's market when i go visiting next weekend.  oh, and for the record, i think this baby is a girl. that's my official guess.


  1. a girl!? really? but burrito is such a masculine nick name. BOY. i think all babies are boys. that's always my guess. ha.

    ok, HOW CUTE that you facetimed during your appointment! i never would have thought of that!

    what are those round flowers called? the yellow and the red one there ^

  2. oh, oh! that is so exciting.

    i'm totally getting a boy vibe too! ^

  3. yeah. i picture you with a boy too.

    i wish that i could jet up to seattle and meet you for lunch in pike's market. moneyschmoney. have fun lady.

  4. pikes market=best place ever. and i'm always a fan of tons and tons of flowers! you have such a fun blog and you and your husband are just too cute for words. congrats on the baby! :)