Friday, March 18, 2011

close your eyes and i'll kiss you

having matt away has not been awesome. some days it has totally sucked, while other days it seems totally manageable. but it is doable, even when it sucks. i have to remind myself that we can do anything for 7 months. or for 6 weeks. or for 9 months.  anything can be done because time never stops and eventually, as long as it's not permanent, it will end.

the time apart hasn't all been bad. i feel like i can hang out with myself a lot easier. and we are both sleeping like 8-9 hours every single night because we don't have our partner in crime distracting us from bed. i've also forged a nice strong bond with my puppy dog and we have the best nightly routine where he always falls asleep next to my legs/feet before he heads to his own bed. we've also explored new hobbies or interests because we need something to do by ourselves that we don't hate.

some of the tips that have helped us survive thus far?  almost always accept those invites to dinner from family/friends/neighbors. sometimes eating dinner alone makes me feel the loneliest, so i make it a point not to do it often. find routines you enjoy, like matt visiting his favorite art store every saturday or how i work in the temple weekly. it's something we look forward to and it provides some type of "tracking" for the weeks that go by. we get outside almost every day, rain, wind, snow, or shine. matt riding a bike daily was the best decision, because it mentally clears his head while he's going to and from school. having guido makes me take walks almost every day because he needs them, and now i need them. i swear nature always steps up and makes everything nicer. what a good woman.

thanks for everyone out there that has made this distance a bit easier. just a month to go, and we are both feeling super hopeful that it'll go quickly. and in the big picture, 7 months is nothing. barely a pin point on this long and winding road.

and for good measure, wanna see what i look like on my 17th week of pregnancy? someone touched my stomach yesterday, and i will tell you - it's too early to do that unless you are very intimate with me. mmkay? i feel like you don't have to squint to see the bump any more, but it's also not super obvious yet so it's like a nice awkward gray area. i can't wait to have someone assume i'm pregnant and then make them feel awkward when i say i'm not... oh the laughs that will be had!

and this was after dinner... so it might actually be some food baby as well as real baby. but i like both food and real varieties, so i'm down with it.


  1. is it just a food baby?!

    ha. you're tiny and a cute pregnant lady!

    seven months. sheez louise. seven days is hard, and that was me staying at my parents while graham was away. you're a champ.

    so, what will he do when he's finished with skool?

  2. love the bump. and your shirt. and jacket. and the iphone cover.

  3. aaaaaaaah. this makes my friday that much better. i love the little bump! and if i saw you in real life i'd probably touch it, just saying.

  4. It goes fast in the beginning. THEN the last freaking 10 weeks come and you want to DIE. Maybe thats just me? I feel like I'll die pregnant right now....
    btw, your bump is super cute. I am so happy for you guys

  5. i was seriously thinking about you the other day- (weird to only non-bloggers to think about someone they haven't met.) anyway. and i was thinking about how strong of a woman you are. pregnant, away from her husband- i could never. i am weak and would fail. you both are awesome and it's great that you are starting a little family :) i lOVEIT! i know we are of different faiths, but i sent up a prayer for you and your bambino and your matticus prime :) be encouraged and remain strong!
    also, you're pretty.

    what do you do in your temple?