Wednesday, March 30, 2011

18 and the mane


  1. OH!! Your belly is looking so cute! L.o.v.e.

  2. That picture of you is classic. I love it. I was super bummed I missed you! But it looks like you were out and about having a good time :)

    PS Totally loving your blog lately. I hope everything is going well. I miss your self.

  3. oh and NO thanks to your matticus, james and i have a deal that he can let his facial locks grow on our trip. however, this picture does encourage me that it takes 6 months to get like that. he's only got three there's hope.
    your redbeard should meet my soon to be roedbeard ;)

  4. You're beard is good. Theirs a comment for you about your beard.

    I think you look smoking hot my man.