Friday, February 11, 2011

save the gweed *updated*

Matt really wanted me to use that title for this post. Guido has to get invasive surgery today to clear something he ate out of his intestines. They have to cut him open, enter his stomach, then continue thru his intestines until they find whatever it is that's blocking everything he tries to eat or drink.  Part of me feels so sad about this, but the other part of me is quite annoyed that he ate something he shouldn't have in the first place! Gah. Always an adventure over at the Thorup house.

He stayed over night last night, and he'll be there tonight, and hopefully he can come home tomorrow. Dumb dog. But also, we love him so how could we not save our little gweedo boy? Squish face!

p.s.- we don't know what he ate, but the vet said he'd "save" it in a plastic bag once he gets it out. i hope it's not anything too incriminating! or embarrassing!


So Guido is back home and is recovering quite nicely. Would you like to see what the Doc pulled out of him?

I gagged when he showed me (partly bc the pregnancy, but mostly because its disgusting.) Its green and brown because it's been in his stomach for quite some time, but basically it is over 2 lbs of fuzz. Like he ripped open a teddy bear and just ate and ate and ate all of the innards. I can't even fit it all in my hand because it was so much. No wonder he couldn't eat/drink/or poop!

Stupid dog. But I am so glad he's better! It was pretty lonely around the house while he was gone 2 days and 2 nights.


  1. So what was it that he ate? Do you know?

    Poor little pup.

  2. Poor Guido! Sending happy thoughts and love his way!

  3. Ugh. Carla. That is DISGUSTING! I was not prepared for that. I mean, I was thinking a little piece of material or something. That is mammoth. Poor Guido-I'm glad he is doing ok now.