Friday, February 4, 2011

a poster

I had 25 cards mailed to Matt for his birthday from friends and family, and all showed up but 2! I used Jordan Ferney's DIY for the poster idea, but I didn't make it as large as hers (even though it would have been cool... I didn't want to find tons more people.)  It turned out swimmingly and Matt loved reading me the notes he received during the week of his b-day. Maybe not as elaborate as last year's celebration, but just as meaningful :)


  1. aw so cool. you are such a good distance wife.
    roed woulda been fending for himself. sent him off with a kiss and a good luck and a see you later. good job, wife.

  2. uh.. my word was badroma.
    now i'll have the gaga in my head all day.
    i have you to thank.

  3. i loved this idea when jordan did it! what a cool way to accomplish it ( i think 25 would be a feat in itself!)

    what a good wife you are :)