Wednesday, February 9, 2011

parrot dog

Jumping from the bed to Matt's shoulders is one of Guido's newest and most awesome tricks. These two cannot get enough of each other, and sometimes I wonder if Gweed is actually more glad than I am to have Matt home. Jealous!  But also, I'm sort of a lame duck when it comes to play time, so I can understand why he's so excited to see his best friend.

He also loves to sit on Matt's shoulders and just hang out like a parrot.

Matt came home this weekend specifically so we could tell our families/friends/anyone who would listen about the baby. I kept it a secret (well, not from everyone- but a lot of people!) for so long, that it's nice to finally have it out in the open. And I cannot tell all the people in our world thank you enough. The calls, texts, comments, hugs, and cheers have been so exciting and wonderful! Especially since Matticus is already back in Seattle and we have a few more months ahead of us, it's nice to feel all the love. And boy do we like love :)

And I bet if you came over, Guido might even jump on your shoulder. Because he likes love too. And shoulders! Guido wanna cracker?


  1. that last photo on the right is darling.

  2. i wish lilly would sit on my shoulder.
    she probably would crush. big time.
    actually, i just wish i had guido.

  3. i'm just coming back to say how excited i am for you... again. hoooooooooooooooray! you'll have like the fly-est kids eva.