Monday, February 28, 2011


i missed matt's face today. and all of him, but mostly his face. so i went back and looked at all sorts of pictures of him, and found very few that didn't have facial hair. mostly a short, well kept beard or a mustache (which he totally had for like.... a long time.) either facial hair or a silly expression was inevitable.  and i found myself counting the reasons i'm so glad he's my boyfrieeeeend.


  1. oh!mygoodness!
    that picture of you two laughing is the best!
    it made me smile so big.

    call me crazy, but ireallyloveyouguys.

  2. you gurls are so darn sweet. grassyass.

  3. I too love that laughing picture. And he looks SO different with short hair! You guys are adorable :)

  4. Hey Carla! So good to see you today! Thanks for giving me a little insight on what it's like being away from the husband! Tell Matt hi from me!