Friday, February 25, 2011

girls night in

Remember when I posted about my 3 pregnant BFFs and their lovely lady lumps? And then how we all look eerily similar to one another?  
Want to see what our girl's night in looked like a couple weeks ago?
Ashley said the caption of this photo should be "Moo." Haha.

And here are the rugrats that could also be called the calves...
Conner. Emerson. Beckett.
Alert. Chubby. Tiny.

Bless their sweet itty bitty hearts.

But don't you worry- the last of the BFFs {who is not yet a mama nor knocked up and still has some sort of party left in her} showed up and we decorated cookies to look like bras and panties- so it did actually turn into a wild night afterall! (At least until 10:30 when we all got tired...)


  1. adorable!!! :) glad you can still have fun even being preggers :)

  2. haha cute little men!
    just wait- you'll have a calf all to your own soon! :)

  3. how fun to have babies all around the same age (especially boys!)

  4. Where was I?? I want to add my little man to the man cub picture and sit around and breastfeed. I don't use a cover up though, is that ok??