Wednesday, February 23, 2011

chasing waterfalls

I literally have heard TLC's don't go chasing waterfalls at least 4 times in the past 2 weeks. Strange when stuff like that happens. I did serenade Guido this morning with a little bit of waterfall booty action, which I don't even have to question if he appreciated. He did.

But why not chase waterfalls? Aren't they better than just the rivers and lakes that we're used too? TLC totally made me feel deep. And silly at the same time.

But you know what else I think? I think being human is awesome. And I think we have a loving God that blesses us with the ability to be unique. Because it is an ability, right? Every day I think of comparisons I could make to this person, or that couple, or those people over there - yet I always come to the same conclusion that I am my own unique person just because I exist.

How many people fall in love every single day? Date, kiss, engage, marry, procreate. So many people. And yet, I feel as if no one had it exactly like my Matt and I. Because they didn't. And your story is just as unique because you are the only you that has ever existed. Ever. I am the only Me. And there are bajillions more unique people all over the world that if I start thinking too much about it I end up having a brain freeze. Billions!

Matt gave me a priesthood blessing before he went back to Seattle over the christmas break. He not only blessed me with health and the ability to grow our baby, but to also remember that I already know this little person inside of me. That we used to know each other, like really know each other, before coming to this earth.  And there it was. The reason I've been feeling so familiar with the little bean inside of me, like I'm just waiting to meet up with a long lost love. Oh the peace that came over our little family as we sat in our kitchen and pondered the big picture.  The miracle that is life. The miracle that is God. The miracle that is love and peace and happiness. The miracle of timing.

Phew. Big thoughts for a Wednesday morning. Especially since I sat down to write this post with waterfall chasing and these 2 pictures on my brain.

Our various modes of transportation. Bike & ocean with cloudy skies, car & busy streets with sunshine. Also on the brain- we can hug in person in just about 2 weeks. The miracle of airplanes!


  1. this makes me want a kid.

    i love that you referred to your bebe as a "long lost love." how sweet is that?

  2. whats a priesthood blessing?

    i like that picture of you- you seriously look so pretty. glowing? if you will...

  3. you look so pretty! i love your blog girl

  4. Thanks for this. Sometimes our hearts need to hear it from someone else.

  5. i love that when i saw the title of your post, before i had read a single word i started singing "don't go chasing waterfaaaalllls" also those pictures are great. you look b-e-au-tifullll.