Wednesday, February 16, 2011

brotha' brigham

Matt's beard is starting to look a little brother brigham. If you're not a mormon, you might be confused. However, look up Brigham Young's picture and you'll be caught up in no time. (or at least have a visual.)

But then... his hair is so long, he can put it up in a pony tail, and then all of a sudden he's brotha' brigham - and he's one bad-A mofo. Ha.. of course I don't truly mean that, because of that whole being a mormon thing spoken about previously, I would never actually say that about anyone. But I will say the letters that make you believe he's quite the homeboy. Or homeskillet. Or homedizzlemynizzleboyAh!

I fear I am not making sense, yet I can't seem to form any other way to say what I am thinking, thus it will stay.  And for the record, I am a complete fan of the man ponytail. The brigham beard? Meh... it's fine, it's funny, it's good to stay for now.  The ponytail?  Yes please.

And for the record, he doesn't put the seat down at home either, but it's a non issue becaues it's not worth the breath to nag or tiff about it.  And I love him and his pony, so it's easy to look past.


  1. i'm no mormon, so i went 'agooglin. very funny!:)

    i don't care about the seat being up either- i just make sure it's down before company comes over. however, i do get a little miffed in the middle of the night when i forget and then fall into the toilet.

  2. after growing up with five brothers, i find a pleasant surprise when the seat is actually dow.

    love the brotha brigham look! :)

  3. brotha brigham! so fly.

    word verification: sustacha. it's like a cool word from mustache. so it seemed appropriate.