Monday, January 10, 2011

you guys,

I really appreciate funny people. Like Kelly who wrote this in my comment section: "people are freezing to death in the midwest and you can't even blog for them?"

That was funny. I totally laughed at my desk {which is a big deal, since sometimes I don't laugh at work because I'm a wee bit busy or stressed.}

So if more people could leave funny comments like that, I'd be very grateful. Okay? Especially over the next 4 months. Thank you.

Matt was home for 2 weeks and it was awesome and totally felt like a vacation. Except that it's not a vacation for me- becaues it was still my real life. So we saw a ton of people, party'd hard, stayed up late, and all through out the 2 weeks - I still got up and went to work. So it was like real life and vacation intersected {which I don't recommend, because it's not cool} and man alive I was tired.

I used last week as a throw away week.

I told myself that I didn't have to do anything else but catch up on sleep and go to work. So I let my house get filthy. My dog didn't get enough attention. I did the bare minimum to prepare meals (or I just went out, let's be honest.) And I tried to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night (and sometimes more!)

And I feel much better. Now I have a list of tasks to get back on track. Monday- clean up Christmas decorations. Tuesday- clean kitchen table off and mop floors. Wednesday - clean bathroom and start some laundry. I must be very specific so that I can get back in the swing of things and not be tempted to have another throw away week. You really only get like 2 a year, so I must use my next one wisely.

And maybe I'll put blogging on the list. Maybe.

Also, our fish died. And I didn't think it'd be that big of a deal, but apparently it was. And now I can't clean out the bowl because I'm squeamish. I'm bribing my brother in law with cornbread (soooo goood) to come take care of it tonight. I miss having my man in the house.

But speaking of my man, he has been painting with watercolors lately. Like on Friday, when he made this...
The sketch is a version of the Tin Man from a Wizard of Oz book (I forget which one.) I think it's cool though.  And I'm glad my Christmas present to him isn't going un-used.

And there you have it. El fin.


  1. We both know I'm not funny. Sorry. But I'll comment so you know I'm here. Recovering from the holidays has been extremely difficult at our house-hope it goes smoother for you. Sorry about your fish. That's rough.

  2. hot dang! shout out city! :) i'm glad that you guys had a great week(s)? together. everyone has a slump. i'm just coming out of mine, so i feel everyone else should, too. :) he is so talented with the picture! my paintings look like a twelve year old did them. and not awesome.

    have you seen the wizard of oz with zooey? a little strange...

  3. i dont have anything funny to say. just hi.