Thursday, January 27, 2011


My in-laws dropped off a rotisserie chicken, asparagus, fruit, and this lovely yellow flowered plant because they were thinking about me the other night. It was not only a very sweet gesture, but also delicious. (Thanks David and Carole!) So I skipped out on my traditional eat-lunch-at-work routine and went home for a blissful 30 minutes yesterday. I cooked the asparagus with lemon juice and pepper, toasted a delicious piece of wheat bread, and just to keep it real had a capri-sun to drink. It felt a little luxurious to enjoy such a fresh meal at lunch time (when let's be honest, I'm used to frozen foods, a sandwich, or left-overs.)

I topped it off with a mini homemade ice cream sandwich (holler for chocolate waffles!) because I had some left over in my freezer from Sundee dinner with the fam.

Wednesday FTW!

(which i learned means for the win. in case anyone didn't know. my much more internet savvy friend gretch had to teach me that one, and i've always wanted to use it.)


  1. what the WHAT?! chocolate waffles?!!!?!

  2. What a posh lunch. I bet you were wearing a really fancy hat when you were eating it.

    I text Stuart the other day with "FTW!" in it and well, I won't tell you what he thought it meant. Oh my!

  3. I thought I was on my cousins blog and she wrote this. I was thining "she knows about these ice cream sandwiches!" and she has a internet friend gretch too?! Then I noticed the "posted by Carla"!