Monday, January 31, 2011

welcoming the hearts

Dear January,

Don't let the door hit you on your way out. Or do! Dunnit even matta!

Because February starts tomorrow! And I feel so good about February. So so good.

I have hearts hanging in the front room and a few in the kitchen, and I can just tell it's going to be a good month. Matt comes home for a 3 day visit this weekend and we might just get down in the car at the airport. You know, with kisses. And maybe some groping! Because hello! We're married and it's totally okay to grope!  When Matt was a missionary we did not even consider groping. No no no. Or necking. Or even hand holding! This separation is much different from the mission separation... how many more times can I say grope in this paragraph without coming off like a sicko? Haha. Who even cares! It's February tomorrow! Basically a month set aside for love! And love making! And groping! Grope grope grope.

Okay, enough.

Here is a shot of my living room. My mom got that neon heart for me, and I sort of love it. I also got trendy and cut hearts out of a book to make my banners. And the photo on the mantle is one of my favorites from Kate Lines back when she took our photos before this whole Seattle thing happened.

I'm so glad we got those done.

And I just love hearts <3

I bought the print "when freckles collide" by Casey O'Connell from LTL Prints (it's no longer available now)after I liked it for about a year {after seeing it on rockstar diaries.} But it came as a wall sticker, and wasn't exactly fancy enough for the mantle. So my SIL Megan and I got crafty, and made our own canvas in the exact size, and now it looks like a piece of art and not a sticker. Holler.

Now if I could just afford my new rug, finish my other re-upholstered chair, and get some new lamps, then I just might call this room finished.

And this post went from groping to decor, just like that.


  1. i can't get enough of your blog.
    virginia is for lovers? february is for groping!

    i would like you to come and decorate for me.

  2. You make me laugh. And really, I just love your honesty in your writing. If I ever wrote stuff like that in mine, you can be sure I'd be getting a call from my mothers...and yes, my sisters are part of that mother category. I write "too mushy" of a post and my sisters get annoyed at me. Aw, the joy of being the youngest.

  3. This freaking cracked me up. Love the book hearts!

  4. grope is a funny word. this post totally made my monday.!

    can I move in?! Your place is lovely.

  5. Dear Carla,
    I wish I were as cool as you. Maybe someday. Maybe not. Love what you've done with the place. Have fun with Matt this weekend ;)

  6. i love that you said "Dunnit even matta!" so much. because some of my favorite things so say are as follows.

    whas crackin' boo?
    you so fly.
    hey babay (or babay you da bes)
    like erryday.
    homegirl or homeboy.
    and even occasionally
    shake dat money maker.

  7. I love that print. I fell in love with another one she has but not one makes the print anymore. I can't find it anywhere... it is rather depressing.