Monday, January 24, 2011


We at least tried to get into the spirit of winter when Matt was in town over Christmas and so we went sledding.  It was fun, but I forgot how much work it is to climb up a hill when you're head to toe in snow gear. (And possibly out of shape... but let's just stick to the snow gear story.)
I did get to pull out my "northface" suspender snow pants that I purchased while in China from the underground market. I'm pretty sure they aren't real - hence the quotes- but they work!

In more recent news, do you know how helpless I felt last night? Matt was sick as a dog throwing up for a few hours and all I could do was soothe him over the phone and pray for him to feel better. This long distance thing... I do not recommend it. He is thankfully feeling better this morning and is able to joke about being a zombie and eating brains, so he's definitely on the up and up.

Can I mention we're half way? If we can make it through January (the longest month ever) then I think we'll make it until April. C'mon springtime!


  1. that sucks you're so far away from your man! hooray for the halfway mark!!

    what will he do when he's finished with school?

  2. the plan is to find an internship/job in the character modeling industry- either gaming or movie. we have like 5 studios in UT that we're looking at first, and then we'll look elsewhere too. the biggest thing is to work on his portfolio!

  3. awesome! sledding is fun. and so is having black marky market north face gear. you just gotta embrace winter to get through it. that's my philosophy. the more you hate it and wish it away, the worse it is. you gotta roll with the negative degree punches.