Monday, January 17, 2011

he was taken care of.

Matt still had a good birthday even without a wife around. I wasn't sure if it was possible, but because of generous people and a tub of popcorn,  he turned twenty six with a smile on his face.

He saw a movie {by himself... something I've never done because Matt says I'm too popular to do something like that... but I think it might be because I'm too chicken. Or because I'd just watch a terrible movie at home by myself rather than go to a theater.}

He also ordered a tub of popcorn and a giant coke. And the theater had a max capacity at 800 people, so he surely wasn't totally alone watching the film.

Then he had a nice couple from his ward come over with graham cracker & frosting filled sandwiches with candles. It was very sweet since I forgot to send candles with the dessert I sent him in his packeej.

He also go lots of mail, which I'll show off in a separate post since he hasn't received them all yet! 


  1. packeej. ha!
    i don't think i would EVER go to a movie by myself.
    happy 26 years, mateo!

  2. i'm way too chicken to see a movie by myself. or do anything by myself for that matter. if i have to eat alone i'm all about the take out. sitting alone is definitely not my thing. happpy belated birthday to your hubs!