Monday, January 3, 2011


i've baked cookies 3 times in the last week, and i think i'm officially cookie'd out. 

i've been feeling blogged down by this space lately and am hoping with a little new year spruce-up it'll be more inspiring. speaking of a new year, i've decided not to have any official resolutions this year. except maybe to be awesome. that's my word for the year - awesome. i want a more awesome life, and i'm going to make it happen. not that it's not awesome now, but when has more awesome ever been a problem?  didn't think so.  wham bam-a-thankya-ma'm.

in other news, it's freezing both in salt lake and seattle. maybe that's not actual news, but more of a statement.  matt's tush almost froze completely off on his bike ride to and from school today, and i like his tush too much to have that happen, so we're investing in a bus pass. at least for january while it's bitter.

guido is thinking of going into hibernation until april so he doesn't have to put up with solo me.

michael jackson's song "breaking news" from the newest released cd reminds me a lot of britney's "you want a piece of me."  i especially like the first line...everybody wantin' a piece of michael jackson. ain't that the truth? also, i don't think it really sounds like him.

my eye twitch is back. not cool.

i purchased a new sweater with a giftcard from christmas and its my fav. i haven't taken it off for 3 days and am not sure that will change tomorrow. so cozy. 

matt is really funny. i've made it a point to write down some of the stuff he says because it's gold. that fella gon' make me rich one day. 

i already like 2011. it feels like the future when i say twenty eleven. twen.ty.e.le.ven. robot style.


  1. cookies! and new header! i love it.

    i wrote some stuff down the other day that james said on the sticky note on the computer. he was killin me. i was painting and he came home and said, "hey there paintasaurus!" and it was downhill from there. funny- because he's pretty dry most of the time. he has me for the excitement in his life :) ha.

    i can't wait until you guys are together. it kills me that you're apart and i would be so sad! soon!

    when i read your robot voice, immediately my arms went up into robot mode as i read aloud. haha. love it.

  2. hey I heard eating bananas can really help that eye twitch... worth a try.
    alsoooo Carla, you're the coolest and you've just got to come to my baby shower, or at least get me your address pronto!!!!

  3. it's time. for another post. got your second wind yet? :) people are freezing to death in the midwest and you can't even blog for them? just kidding. :)