Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Occassionally, Matt steps away from the computer and does some other form of art. This week it was working with clay, and I received text pictures of this head. I love it. And I can actually see Matt working {intensely... because he's always intense when he's art-ing} with his money makers {aka his hands} as he guides the slope of the nose and the angle of the chin.
And this is a perfect example of why you always want Matt on your team for Cranium. Ever played? It's only the most fun game, like, ever. And Matt is the best partner to have because he acts well, draws well, and sculpts well. Would you like an example of why I am not always the best partner choice?

I drew a card for Sculptorades that said "rocking chair."  Easy enough. The timer started, Matt waited patiently while I formed a {very crude} chair, then added one giant rocking leg to the bottom. ONE leg on my rocking chair. Matt guessed and guessed and I just couldn't believe he wasn't getting it! Then the timer stopped- and everyone laughed and guffawed and pointed as they showed me the error - DUH Carla - a rocking chair as TWO legs, and what I had just sculpted was a chair on top of a big giant ski that rocked. Hells bells.

And we won't even go into the time where I couldn't guess "afro" or "king kong" when Matt was drawing. Big hair. Big curly hair. Big black curly hair. Large monkey king. Giant Monkey on building. Big monkey ape. Monkey King. King of the monkeys...  it was a low point in our cranium career.

I am really grateful for Matt's money makers.


  1. man. he's talented!!!

    i always cringe when it comes to anything with sculpting or drawing in cranium. i'm ridiculously untalented when it comes to that! :)

  2. What a talent! I'm not kidding, that's something special. And CJ and I would like to challenge you guys to a game of Cranium. Maybe with Matt's excellent skills combined with your not so awesome skills, vs. both our mediocre skills, we'll have a real close match.
    P.S. my "word verification" that I have to type in is "scromen".

  3. Wow! That is impressive! And I am not too great at Cranium either (for what it's worth) haha