Monday, January 24, 2011

all along the western front

What started out as a jaunt around the block with Guido on Saturday morning turned into an hour long walk toward the sun. I started by pondering the meaning of life and then my meaning of life and then the meaning of colors and then blogging and then reality tv and then reality and then music and then lyrics and then nothing. Then the sun went behind the clouds and I found my way home. Guido was beat, and I'm not sure any walk we've ever taken has left him beat.

Then I pulled out my camera and took dozens of pictures of myself. Different hairstyles, different faces, different expressions. I just hadn't taken any photos the entire month of January and figured it was time to document life. And life has me in it.

I also just made a decision to get my groove back. Just now. History, people.

Now, I don't know the specifics behind Stella's groove, but I'm having quite the time coming up with things to celebrate my reunion.

Self portraits with bedhead and no make-up? Groove back!

Dancing to electric feel on the sidewalk while my dog does his bidness? Groove back!

Having a desire to clean up the office and re-decorate? Groove back!

Made the bed this morning? Groove back!

Not naming this post "carla gets her groove back?" Groove back!

Listening to a really great pandora station? Groove back!

Booya booya.


  1. Boo to the ya! January is a good month to get your groove back (and really who is Stella and why does she get her groove back?! I guess I need to watch the film huh?)

    I like you.


  2. YES! Welcome back to Groove Town. We've missed you here and it sounds like you're on your way to becoming Mayor.


  3. electric feel is magic. it's impossible NOT to dance while that song is playing. way to get your groove back. i'm ekthited.

  4. the first time james heard electric feel he sang electric chair. haha
    i wish i had greckles like you

  5. um. how did i miss this post? groove taken.

    i think your blog is my fav.