Tuesday, December 14, 2010

one week of christmas

Matt comes home on Saturday night, leaving us with 1 week to get our Christmas on.

The plan is....

Christmas tree with lights galore.
Hot chocolate with a scoop of mint ice cream.
Roaring fire with roasted mallows. 
Watch Fred Clause and Prep & Landing.
Make scones with nutella. And strawberries.
Go scouting for the best lights.
Turkey dinner with all the fixin's and friends.
Bowling and laser tag and cookies.
Bounce houses and lots of niece and nephew giggling.
Finish all the gift prepping.
Snuggle. With each other and the gweed.
Celebrate Christ's birth with the Christmas Story.
Talk about goals for twenty eleven.
Eat delicious dessert waffles.Find some mistletoe and makeout.

Yeah buddy. We don't have plans to act like mexicanos like last year, but maybe? 'Twas fun.


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas week to me!

  2. Viva le ethnic Christmas pictures!
    (and dogs named Guido!!)

  3. i read this is my google reader, but you can't comment. i remember i had an awesome comment, as in i'm probably the only one to think it's funny... but nonetheless, the second time i read it, i read too fast and got a lot of stuff wrong. like so: girl scouting? and beyonce houses? and celebrate Christ's birth with A Christmas Story, as in the movie.
    ha. i have wicked speed reader skillz

  4. i wish there were such a magical place as a beyonce house!!

    where all us single ladies would gather and dance and laugh and dance and be bffs. if only...