Thursday, December 16, 2010


We installed a doggie door around Halloween, but Guido wanted nothing to do with it. He would paw at it on occassion, but would not go thru it unless we held the door open for him. High maintenance much? Anyway, he never got it, and I found myeslf just taping it open during the days to make sure he could get outside and do his bidness. After some time (say around Thanksgiving) we realized maybe he just didn't like touching the cold plastic with his face (because it literally touches his whole face since he's so smash-face), and so my mom covered it in felt one day. VoilĂ ! Now he'll use it all day and night because he touches fabric instead of plastic. So weird (but at least successful!)

He's also getting professionally bathed today to try to help with his tooting problem. It is the worst. Like I gag sometimes. Blah.

Matt is still loving school. He is working on harder projects which require more time, but they look super sweet when he's done.  He often plays "hide his finger in his beard" while we're on the phone, and his beard always wins. Thick much? He may have called me the Christmas Scrooge yesterday, but I'm sure he didn't mean it. He also requested to draw our Christmas Cards this year, and I think they are brilliant.
I just started reading The Help, and am already hooked after only 3 chapters. I am always so glad when I start reading again. My last 3 packages for Christmas are on their way to my casa, and then I'm done done done. I love free shipping. My goal was before Mattito came home, and looky here I did it. Prepared much? I am deep cleaning the house tonight and tomorrow so we won't have a lick of housework to do for the next two weeks.

 Now how about some blurry cell phone pics for good measure? We text each other a lot and here are 3 favorites from the past week.


  1. I just started reading The Help, too. I'm 18 chapters in, and loving every word of it.

    Have fun with Matt home. Sorry you two are doing the long distance thing, I feel your pain, really, I do.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love the Guido story.
    P.S. After the holidays, we need to get together before I leave for Texas!

  3. Oh Guido.

    I read The Help earlier this year and really loved it. If you fancy some more recommendations let me know. I have a lot.

    I'm excited for you to prepared much and for Matt to be home soon. When I was in Seattle the other day I thought about you.

  4. I love that you call Guido "smash-face". Haha. <3