Monday, November 1, 2010

sicks, the success of all successes

Seriously, the movie was so good. Like the best thing for Halloween spirit. And it totally reminded me a little of the Community's Halloween episode... so if you liked that, then you would of loved this. Maybe it'll be available online one day so others can partake of the goodness. But know, it would have been worth it if you'd of come. Next year? Mmkay.

1. the official poster and matt pulling a weird face next to our buddy j.
2. the post theater with all the pumpkins and people outside. spooooky.
3. the cast of the movie (minus a few people missing.) zombie spirit fingers.
4. the thorup boyz. daddy zombie david then oldest to youngest. 
yup, matt is the youngest boy. and beardiest.

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  1. We seriously loved the movie! So glad we came!