Thursday, November 18, 2010

nerd alert (or awesome alert, really.)

true love: a wife waiting 3 days after it comes out to see Harry Potter Part 1 because that is when her husband will be in town to see it together.

true-er love: a husband saying "of course, go!" when his wife gets an invite {from her daddio} to a "special pre-screening" in a private theater hours before the midnight showing.

twice :)  thanks to my papa and my husband.

pictures are from the last midnight showing. can't believe it's already time for another one!


  1. We have to wait to see it. I {might} be devastated. I'm super jealous-have fun!!

  2. ahhh! so excited! and so jealous you get to see it before midnight!

  3. You're soo lucky!! I am just green with jealous rage. I LOVE 'ARRY POTTA!!!

  4. Yessssss! Have a great time!

    PS. Do you know that the tie for my high school uniform is the same as Harry's? It's true. I'm a wizard.

  5. yeah. super jel. a big jellybelly over here. i have to wait til tuesday. that's truest love for my lame-o working friends. :p