Friday, November 12, 2010


i wore my old indoor shoes to coach last night. and by "coach" i actually mean to tell the young kiddos in my neighborhood when they are in or out to make sure everyone has equal playing time. and i didn't actually touch a soccer ball, but wearing the shoes reminded me of the old days when i was a semi decent player. never one of the greats, but definitely not one of the worst. and then i got to thinking of this picture i took in my senior year of high school.  i was one of the captains of our team, and for my "captain shot" i put the ball down my shorts so my butt looked huge. and i don't know if that was worse or better than ashley putting it up her shirt to pretend she was knocked up.

what kind of captains were we, anyway?

last night did have me contemplating playing indoor again. because indoor is da bomb and way better than outdoor. then i thought of all the running and coordination it would take and that makes me skeptical and feeling sort of old. oh, and maybe if ashley wasn't actually knocked up at this very moment we'd both be playing again? maybe.

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