Friday, November 5, 2010

the final: kitchen make-over

When we first moved into our casita, we gave the kitchen a face lift and it looked super awesome. Then I teased a picture a few months back saying I got 9 more inches. And please stop right now and get your minds out of the gutter. My kitchen and the gutter should not be in the same vicinity. A thank you.

Then I never showed you pictures of the after from those 9 inches, so I'm showing you now as I think it's superbly superlicious and sometimes I just sit on the counter and stare at this room.

Here was the initial before/after from last summer '09...

and the final as it is today ...

You see, I concocted this idea in my head that I needed open shelving, and that the space above the cabinets to the ceiling was being completely wasted. So I called my design team {aka my family & friends} for a meeting all official like, and my little brother came over and made a girl's dream come true.  We even used a car jack to get the shelves off the wall, but we were lucky and nothing broke in the process. Hallelujah!  I have 2 new, large shelves, custom crown molding that matches the custom design of my doors, and 9 more inches above my stove. Can I just tell you how much better it is to cook? I never knew how little space I had until he moved them up. Incredible.

I am still working on how to display open shelving, as I am in no way consider myself a designer {hence the design team I mentioned earlier.}  It's coming along though... and I really dig it. And I seriously have too much space that I end up having empty shelves. Who has too much space in a galley kitchen? That is an issue I am totally willing to deal with. Awesome.

Mark Glade, who made his own traveling toolbox and is the best little brother,  is available for hire. The carpenter part of him, not the brother part. Unless maybe you ask nicely?  He seriously can do anything. Like, anything. And he's completely mobile because of his insane building skills.

My floating shelves were inspired by Young House Love & Ana from Knock Off Wood.

And one day I want a new countertop and a back splash, because I just can't seem to ever stop.

Current projects right now? The laundry room and the living room. Both look drastically different from the last time I took a photo, but still pretty far away from done. Ah... the ever-elusive done.  


  1. I love the new look. Isn't is so fun to be a home owner? It's a lot of work, but so much fun. Oh, the things I would do to my house if we weren't going to be selling it in three years.

  2. Carla-it looks so great! (and I love the curtains!)

  3. Love the curtains and open shelf !

  4. I really LOVE it. What a great solution. I'm taking note of it for when I have my own house someday.