Wednesday, November 10, 2010

because i am forgetful

Dear Carla of the future,

You are getting increasingly forgetful as you get older, so I thought it'd be a good idea to write down a few things about your life right now.

Matt is now on his 6th week of school in Seattle and he still loves it. He is learning like a ninja and baffles you every day when you receive emails with examples of his work. It was the right decision for him to go, so remember that when it sucks that he's not here. Because the 2nd month of him gone is turning out to be harder than the first. The newness has worn off.  I also think you both forgot you were human, and even when you only speak on the phone for a few minutes or hours a day - you can still fight. And be mean. And be hurt. And be sad. And be annoying. But it's okay, because someone always says sorry and you'll both keep moving forward. And you still have that little thing called love. Oh, and at least your eye stopped twitching after 3 weeks, because that turned out to be quite the annoying side affect of him not being home, right?

Also, he'll be home for Thanksgiving, and then you'll really have something to be grateful for.

Except you already have a million things on your gratitude plate. Like Guido, who drives you bonkers, but you embrace the crazy because it's nice to have his cuddles and company. And all the women around you, because you seriously have some good women in your life. Like giants that let you stand on their shoulders or at least cry on them kind of women. And the calling you received to work in the Temple laundry room each Saturday. Or the stake conference that you went to last weekend where you heard an Apostle {Elder Ballard} speak, and you were weepy with the spirit the whole time because of the confirmation of it's truthfulness. And everything else in your life right now because for real, you are filled to the brim with things to be grateful for.

Also, I'm proud that you haven't gained weight since Matt has gone. It sounds superficial, but knowing that you're a stress eater was sort of daunting - and I'm glad to report you've kept yourself in check. However, and that's a pretty important however, don't pull the I will make delicious gooey chocolate chip cookies and deliver them to my neighbors again. There was a five cookie pile-up in your mouth, and 2 days of cookie dough to prove that didn't happen. As your future self, I'll come over and give you the smack down you deserve if you try that one again, missy. 

And since we're discussing weight, let's not be scared Matt will waste away into a skinny stick of a person. He may have lost 6 pounds in the last month, but he can't help it with all the cycling he has been doing. His legs look smokin' hot though, so there is a trade off when his church pants are a bit too baggy. And he's just eating healthier since he's been in Seattle because he's deprived of his fast food addiction. Remember how he just really misses Wendy's, as was evidenced when that's all he wanted when he came back to Utah for 2 days. {The closest Wendy's is 20 miles away, and he has not yet been desperate enough to bike that far just for some nuggets. We'll see if that changes in the future, though...}

Other than that, you're staying busy. Work is busy, your projects at home are keeping you busy, and there are a lot of fun things to look forward to as November and December are a comin'.  Keep up the good work, you're doing a fine job (and so is your husband!)


Carla of today.


  1. Six weeks already? Wowzer where does time go?

  2. i love this letter. it's real, and it's good. hope the time speeds by for you!