Monday, November 15, 2010

another showering event

the deets: Rachel, number 2 of 3 BFFs,  is having a baby boy (probably sooner than her due date if it's up to the little buddy!), and we threw her a little shower to celebrate. kept the food simple so we could participate a bit more than the quesadillas from Ash's, and we played a funny (and a teeny bit dirty) memory game with candy prizes {just look at my face to see how exciting it really was...}, and there were all sorts of laughs the whole time. Rachel knows a lot of funny people, apparently. and you will see little Conner in some of the photos... since he's almost a month old. (holy moly.) paper airplanes and pinwheels and delicious lemon cupcakes plus all the peeps that showed up made it completely awesome. and that there will be another cute little nugget to snuggle makes showering the mama all the more fun. 

the BFFs. rachel.carla.ashley.rachel.ashlee. usually we have a few different hairstyles to separate the clone-like-look, but not this time. could we look more similiar? sheesh.


  1. 1- You're house is SO adorable

    2-You are a party planning woman...I wish I had those talents

    3- Looks like fun, I wish I could have been there

    4- I laughed at how much you all look like sisters. You girls are great!

  2. You guys are twins. I love that!

    Love the pinwheels! What a great friend you are!

  3. Are you sure you gals aren't actually all sisters?

  4. holy moly- you do look a lot alike!