Thursday, October 28, 2010


Guido helped me represent at the neighborhood trunk or treating event last night. He is so cute when his hood stays on... but there was too much going on last night for that to happen. Must get better picture later.  The kids were very impressed that he knows how to"high-five" and that I was cooking a potion in my car. We had to go big this year since Matt wasn't here to carry the coolness.

It was also my mama's birthday yesterday! What a good woman.

And I have some pet costumes to show off this year. I'm so trying to be a sew-er.

And sticking to a Halloween theme... remember the movie is coming up tomorrow night!  Sicks is probably the best film yet from the Manor Massacre boys and I hope that anyone out there reading this that is in SLC tomorrow night will come. Matt is flying home from Seattle for the event... so it's a big deal peeps. Plus, live music! raffle for free stuff! halloween spirit! A little something for everyone.

Super excited for all of it. And you should be too. It's {almost} hallween weekend! The most wonderful time of the year. Holler.

*Edited to include a personal message from Matt to each and everyone one of YOU!*

"Hey there friend! I am sending a personalized message to you to invite you to our Halloween movie that we made this year. It's Friday and there are 2 showings! I hope to see you there! Because I miss you so much. And I am flying back from Seattle just to see you! Becase you are my very best friend. You! Go to to find out more info! Enjoy!"


  1. oh myyy! i love your trunk! you did such a great job with it! bet the kids loved it.

  2. ha so cuuute! love that little pup