Friday, October 8, 2010


The Manor Massacre website is updated with all of the new movie info. SICKS will be playing at the Old Post Theatre up at the University of Utah on Friday, October 29th - and there will be 2 showings @ 7:00 and 9:15, but only 250 people per showing, so get your tickets early {can be purchased online!} 

And here is the trailer to get you all the more excited to come.

six Teaser from Ryan Sacks on Vimeo.

You might even see some of Matt's art in the film... but you'll have to come to see for yourself. And hint... this movie includes Zombies and love and goggles and swords and a whole bunch of other awesomeness.  You can also "like" the MM on facebook and spread the word!

(last year's trailer can be seen here, but Macfisto is not yet available to watch online, however you can watch The Hitchiker (2 years ago) on the website.)

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