Wednesday, October 13, 2010

recap with {mental} snapshots

I have had my camera with me the past week, but have not taken any pictures of my life. And as I told my friends*, is a picture really worth taking if you can't blog it? Ha... they had a good long laugh about that one ;)  And most people won't read this, because honestly... we are a picture loving people, and don't spend much time on words. I will write then anway.  Because if I had taken some photos of my awesome life, they'd have been of....

My mom. She moved in with me and is my housemate for the next few months. At first I was nervous because sometimes dynamics change when you live together, but it's been really really great. I love my mama.  She's captain organizer, she's helping my house whip into much better shape, and my body as well with her raw and whole food knowledge. We already tackled the kitchen/pantry/freezer, and next up is the laundry room. Oh, and she is learning to like Guido as her grand puppy, so that's cute too.

My BFFs*. We spent 9+ hours together on Saturday and it was awesome. And that's saying something when 3 of them are pregnant and 1 is due, oh you know, yesterday. All of them hormones swooshing around and we still know how to have a good time. And we painted a nursery, and what is sweeter than that? Except for maybe adding double the butter to a cookie brownie recipe. Or maybe that isn't sweeter, it's just greasier. Whoops.

Matt. But more specifically, a snapshot of facetime with Matt. It's awesome to see each other every day instead of just phone convos. We sure do love that iPhone.  And you can't cheat by talking and doing something else, because the other person can totally see you. Yeah, keeps you present. And we like that.

Guido. But more specifically Guido with a cold, because guess who went and got himself kennel cough? Yeah... not cool. And not cool of the place we kenneled him while we were in Seattle. Never ever again, my sweet puppy.

Zebra striped shoes. Only $3.50, witches! Oh, and they sort of make me feel witchy (in a good way. like halloween witchy.)

Me. Because I've spent a lot of time with me lately, and who knew I liked myself so much?  Well I knew I liked myself, but it's nice to just hang out with me.  I totally took Elder Uchtdorf's advice and am reducing the rush. Why hello, self.

My padre. He picked me up from the airport when I was all messy, and then we ate delicious tacos together a few days later, and then met up in the temple just a few days after that. I like spending more time with him. And we have the same thumbs! Genetics are cray-cray.

Work. Because I'm there a lot, but somebody's gotta bring home the bacon.

And maybe one last picture of nature. Because the temperatures are near perfect, and I can smell Halloween is just around the corner... which means Matt will be home for 2 days :)  He can't miss the movie premier, of course.

{the * means they are one in the same.}

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