Thursday, October 7, 2010

niko's + a b-day

Matt lives right down the street from Niko's Gyros {in Magnolia area} and let's just take a moment to thank the universe for Niko. Thank you Universe.


Writing that sentence was worth all the trouble of caps + periods. And Niko himself walks around in his cute little fedora and cleans up after you. I sort of tried to make my own version of Greek fries last night with feta cheese {since I'm obsessing over it right now}, and it was OK. Not the worst culinary experiment I've ever tried in the kitchen, but I will probably just let Niko do his thang and not try to replicate the master.  And Seattle was chilly, but not as chilly as Utah this week. Like sweater + jacket + scarf weather.  Ironic that Matt hasn't seen a drop of rain since he's been there, but we've been on and off rainy all week here in UT.

I saw a rainbow yesterday!

I was holding up the Greek fries and the #50 sign because this was my birthday dinner... and that was my age times 2. Matt likes the original gyro (which we still call gi-ro in private and not yee-ro) while I prefer the chicken variety.  Also, I requested pie for breakfast, so pie is what I got. And pumpkin ice cream, which is like autumn in your mouth.

Hello! Autumn in your mouth?

But back to pie, can you see the logo of The Pie Company? Clever to make the i in pie the space needle. We totally appreciate clever branding. And the crust was so delicious. If only Ned would have served it to me while I was wearing my adorable 50's dress and solving a murder. Le sigh over Pushing Daisies.

I just really want a piece of pie. (that's for you, matty.)
Of course we hit up Pike's and got ourselves a bouquet of flowers. They were my b-day flowers, until the birthday actually turned into a B kind of day when I had to fly home. So now they are Matt's side table flowers. I hope he is remembering to change the water.

And trim the stems!

We never made it to Dick's Drive-In like some of you suggested. And we only had sea food once while on the pier, so we must make sure to pencil more of that in for next visit. And a ferry ride!


  1. Seattle is such a cool city, from what I remember from my 5th grade mind. I remember, way back when, taking some ferry over to Vancouver, now that was cool!

  2. Did other people suggest Dick's or was that just me over and over again? I hope others are recommending it too.

    You got a nice little taster of the city. When do you think you'll be back? We're going up for a few weeks in December. If you're about then we should meet up... and go to Dick's.