Monday, October 25, 2010


Remember when I posted about my 3 pregnant BFFs? Well 1 of them left the ranks of pregnancy and joined the world of mommyhood last week. His name is Conner and he is tiny, and sweet, and cute, and everything a baby should be. Oh, and he totally peed so much that he soaked thru his diaper, his pants, my shirt, and part of my jeans while I was snuggling him on Friday night. Well done, young man! Good thing I'm not scared off by a little pee.

I also flexed some sewing muscles and made him a carseat cover over the weekend. I think it looks mighty fine for my first try. Plus, Ashlee chose the perfect fabric.  And that "C" is a pin she can take on or off. I just thought it needed a little sumptin sumptin since you can't actually see the goods inside, which is the cutest part of a carseat anyway.


  1. ha! flexed sewing muscles! anytime i say the word muscles, i pronounce it, "mush-kels." don't know why. have since i was a wee one. great jarb!