Friday, September 24, 2010

a rental car

When Matt and I were engaged, we tried out for the Amazing Race television show thinking we'd be perfect candidates since we'd be a newlywed mormon couple from SLC trying to win a million bucks. We made a silly try out video, and then we waited & waited for our time in the lime light. Unfortunately, we never heard back.

Fortunately, I think it was God intervening to save our relationship.You see, turns out since we'd never traveled together under stressful situations, we didn't yet know how we'd react in such situations.  And although it would have made for good (dramatic) T.V., it may not have been great on the 'ol relationship.

While the majority of our trip to Spain was magical and amazing, there was this one day that was not. We were leaving Valencia to go to Aranjuez (a little town just outside of Madrid), and we woke at the crack of dawn to catch our train. Turns out, we were at the wrong station and ran over a mile (with our packs on) to try to make it on time. We didn't make it.  And I cried. And Matt was frustrated. And we were out like $50 bucks for the now useless tickets that I later converted into a book mark. The most expensive book mark I've ever purchased, mind you.

After the mini break down, a delicious chocolate Napolitana for breakfast and a pep talk to each other, we decided on a new plan of action that would eventually work out better than the original plan.  We went to Madrid instead of Aranjuez, rented a car to get to Aranjuez and Valdepenas (to visit members!), and calmed down from our previous freak out mode.

And then we proceeded to break-up multiple times over the next few hours.  Break-up? Yes. Because when you combine a rental car, a crazy busy city like Madrid, the wrong directions from locals, my laid back terrible navigation skills, and Matt's stressful driving nerves- you get like 3+ break-ups between us over 3 days.

Oh my word. Who know renting a car would be so traumatic for us?

However, it was actually amazing to drive around the outskirts of Madrid and visit members, see the country side, and road trip it Spanish style with la musica and la comida of the country. There were just a few intense moments of dark clouds that blurred the sunshiney vision we were used to seeing.  And we ended up splurging on a fancy hotel that night to make up for the not so awesome day.

And there you have it. Here are some pictures. The very last picture is right before we entered Madrid on our way back to return the car. To say Matt was stressing would be an understatement.

But maybe most of me really wishes we would have been accepted on the Amazing Race. Even with the fighting that would have surely ensued, I think it would have been mostly sunshine with a teeny bit of rain. Alas.

Also, I'm glad we don't actually break-up. Cuz that'd suck, ya'll!


  1. in all the traveling graham and i have done, i don't think that we've yet to escape a MAJOR fight during our adventures. it's over directions, or money, or the shoes i'm wearing.

    and then.. we forgive each other like that, because we're on vacation, and realize how ridiculous we're being.

    so, yes.. what i'm saying is i completely understand the "breaking up" thing.

  2. Yes. Ditto to everything Kate just said. Ditto to the extreme.