Monday, September 27, 2010


How much do we love the internet? And blogging. And email. And texting. And the occasional visit to facebook.  Or twitter.  Or T.V. Or Tivo. Or Netflix. Oh oh oh, or the most precious thing of all... the iPhone. I just got chills.   

I love technology. With Matt leaving this week, I love it even more for how easy it will be to talk/text/see each other every day while he's 3 states away.

However, have you ever noticed how much static is created? Noise. Distractions. Numbness.

Yeah, I have. And I totally get sucked into it more often than I'd like to admit.

James E. Faust {an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints} said,

"In your generation you will be barraged by multitudes of voices telling you how to live, how to gratify your passions, how to have it all. You will have up to five hundred television channels at your fingertips. There will be all sorts of software, interactive computer modems, databases, and bulletin boards; there will be desktop publishing, satellite receivers, and communications networks that will suffocate you with information."

Suffocate you?  Suffocate me? Oh dear.  And do you know when he said this? In 1993. 17 years ago. Oh dear again.

So I'm taking this last week before my husband lives in another state to clear the static. And love on him.  And listen to general conference. Oh, how I love listening to a prophet's voice. And I'll return clear headed and up-lifted. And I'll be 25. Twenty five. Twenny fi! I like how that sounds. And I won't be sharing my bed with nobody! {oh... that is actually very sad.} I do have big plans for this year, though. Big plans.

But first, clear static and finish year 24 with a bangarang ru-fee-oooo.


  1. this is perfect.
    and SOO true.

    graham asked that i stop blogging so much. wake up call? yep.

    technology is a love/hate.

    enjoy your time with your husand, and HOORAY for birthdays.
    twenty five is BIG time.

  2. Good luck with Matt being gone. Thank goodness for technology, it makes being far apart not as bad. AND, holy moley, I can't believe we're turning 25!

  3. Technology makes these things much easier - and much suffocatier. One time I had to stay in Rexburg whilst Stuart went away back to Seattle for a summer because I had to take care of immigration stuff. We didn't have cell phones so his dad put me on the family plan and got me a cheap phone so I could talk to Stu on his mum's phone. We weren't allowed to text because it cost a penny or whatever.

    It's going to suck but you'll survive and it'll go quickly. Like I always say, "abstinence makes the heart grow fonder!" Haha!

    I hope you can go visit him there some time. Seattle is bomb dot com.

  4. Two things:
    I wake up at 5am now. How crazy is that? And we should get together. I'm down that way on the 5th or i think Shawn is gone again the end of the month. When does Matt leave? Let me know.

    Technology noise is something I have been thinking about a lot lately...and how unsatisfying it is. Since I've had time on my hands when I sit and feed Carter...I get bored. The iPhone is dandy but it gets old. Facebook gets old and so do the games. It's amazing to me that what I would really love is two things: 1 be around people I love (and have real conversations) and 2 be outside. Sometimes is nice to just be still and listen... To my thoughts... To life... To all the little things we miss because we're too caught up in all the "noise".

    Thanks for blogging