Sunday, September 19, 2010

matt's worried

He's worried that something is going to happen to our dog when he's gone.

You see, I tend to be a little bit clumsy or careless, but I assure you not on purpose. And usually it only affects me, however it's starting to transfer to the pup. For example, Guido likes to put his head out the window like most dogs, but twice now he's leaned too far out and because he's just completely top heavy, out he goes while we're driving!

I caught him both times because I always hold onto his leash/harness while we're moving, but maybe I could have caught him faster? Matt thinks so.

And just this last Saturday we were having lunch at a restaurant in Logan with the pup. Matt went in to check out the menu, and I stayed outside near the outdoor tables with Gweed. They had metal chairs, and so I tied him to one thinking he'd just stay put while I went in to pay with Matt. Oh heavens I underestimated his strength. So I see our dog pulling this tall metal chair past the window, and the metal-scratching-against-the-concrete sound is scaring him, so he's now full on running with this tall chair in tow! And then he jumps the curb, the chair falls into a car (thankfully no scratches), and Guido is now free from the chair and books it into the parking lot at full speed!

I drop the water cups and take off after him, as Matt follows to clean up the mess of chairs and water in my wake.

I almost cried out of embarrassment and almost losing my dog and just the entire situation. Matt was totally frustrated about my judgment call to tie him up, and we didn't speak for 10 minutes. It felt like living Marley and Me. Guido was shaking because he was so scared. I felt like a terrible dog mother. Gah.

Thankfully, after the 10 minutes of silence we busted up in uncontrollable laughter at how ridiculous that was. And now Matt is making a list of "ways to not injure or kill the dog while I'm gone."


  1. what's he going to seattle for?

    pst.. love your new header!

  2. Hahaha! LOL! Carla, glad you caught him before he flew out the window. Glad he's ok. I'll pray for him while Matt is gone :)