Thursday, September 2, 2010


Like I mentioned yesterday, Matt leaves for Seattle at the end of this month, and he needs a place to stay for at least 6 months.

I've never been to Seattle, and Matt was only there for 6 hours. Our level of unfamiliarity is high.

The location just moved from Bellevue to Downtown Seattle.... and we're trying to contact wards or people to see if they will rent him a room.

We just want a room for a bed and a desk, because we only want to pay for a room {if possible.}

Anyone out there have family? friends? connections? in Seattle?

See on the map above right where it says Down-town? Anywhere to the North or South of that is where he needs to be so he can bike/bus to school, since he isn't taking a car. As far up as Discovery or as low as Alki Point (but we've heard this area is more ghetto? anyone?)

Anyway. Just throwing this out there to see if anyone could help. Comment, email, or call us if you have any ideas!


  1. If you go to and use the locate meeting houses thing it should come up with some email addresses for bishops in the area. That's what I used when we moved down here.

    Stuart's family are from Marysville, 45 minutes north of Seattle. That's as close as I'd be able to get you... not close at all. Decclo is based in Bremerton which is closer, if you get desperate you can contact Jake and he might be able to help you out.

  2. Hi, I'm a cousin of Heather Ragsdale and I live in the Seattle area. You don't want to go over to the West Seattle/Alki Point area because there is only one way to downtown from there and it is an extremely traffic clogged bridge. Alki point itself is a nice area but just south of it is ghetto.

    My guess is that the easiest place to talk someone into renting you a room for just 6 months is in the UW area which is probably a little farther north than you are looking but my friends who live up there seem to be able to get around on the buses pretty well.

    I sent my suggestions to Heather but probably the best way to find a room is either going through the institute or searching on craigslist. I found my apartment through craigslist.

  3. If you stayed in Bellevue, I still have connections in Redmond. But without a car that probably wouldn't do.

  4. yo girly I got familia in areas North of Seattle. None with a place for Matt to stay but I'll put the word out. call me and we can talk business. We're also WAY informed on the bus routes/public transportation, (that was the only way Will ever got to school/work while we were there, both were downtown)


    also i look forward to seeing you ASAP!