Wednesday, September 1, 2010

hand stands for you

The song Bruises by Chairlift is a good song.

This picture of Matthew is one of my favorites. Phone screensaver. I have had 2 flies in my office all day long. Buzz. buzzzz. Buzzing me out of my mind.

Matt just text me "8 years and 346 days ago i was about to meet the girl of my dreams." Well now that is very sweet, isn't it.

3 of my BFFs are having babies. All 3 of them are having boys. 1 out of the 3 has a birthday today. (yay ashley!) The BFF, not the baby. Not until October, December, and January.

It's September 1st. Matt has orientation in Seattle September 30th. We've entered the month.

I am going fabric shopping tomorrow, and happily screamed over a rug with a new girlfriend last night. Hopefully big plans for some chairs and curtains very soon.

We deep cleaned on Monday and have never felt better about life.

I cooked lettuce wraps for dinner last night, and Matt didn't think they were manly enough. They weren't, but our guest (grrretch!) wasn't a man. Oh, and she's back from her mission, fun!

Spillage. That is what is happening during this post.

I keep getting stress headaches. And could probably use a trip to a chiropractor.

Is headaches one word or two words? Head aches.

My mom believes in chiropractors more than doctors.

I can't get the bed intruder song out of my head. And I haven't stopped laughing about it.

Guido is still cute.

I heard Nasty Boys by Janet Jackson this morning on the way to work.

Matt's Macbook Pro is up and running (thankfully!) A cup of water was accidentally dumped on it last weekend, and we weren't sure it was going to recover. It did.

Matt is good at art. And he likes iron man.

And he's the most expensive thing I own.

I could really go for an ice cream sandwich right now.

What's with today today.


  1. Gracias for the good times last time!
    P.S. I'm still giggling over Community...especially about Little Annie Aderol and the Asperger's bit.

  2. I like your thought processy list. It flows nice and naturally.

    Happy September, shmookums.

  3. Are you moving to Seattle? If so, can we be NW friends and hang out together in each other's cities? I'll cross my fingers!

    Cool post.